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Korean viewers are more focus now with the story not the casts. However, it shld explain more why Sulli ghe so obsessed with Minho. If I am Minho, i will definitely freak. Hyun Woo is still best here.

Gooddrama net to the beautiful you

I like this version. But that is the Japanese humor I guess and it comes from a manga. I understand the low viewer rating.

This plot is now considered cliche, not to mention, its directed to teens. Also, this is an idol centered cast, so its definitely meant to attract a young audience. This will do well over seas. However, the leading actress is so cute. Just hyun woo that makes this drama interesting to watch.

To the Beautiful You - Wikipedia

yiu She is very attractive in High kick 3… Hope storyline and actress performed will be good…. But 1. It is really similar to You are beautiful.

From the name of the drama to plot and characters gooddrama net to the beautiful you even Eun Gyul stupis ugly hair style. Why he looks at her collar bone hot ladies looking hot sex Fort Bragg greedy eyes? So it will be very interesting to watch. I wait the end to know which place to the beautiful you will be. The only thing thats different from the Japanese version I have not seen the Taiwanese one is Jaehee transferred because she really liked him, rather than Ashiya gooddrama net to the beautiful you guilty and trying any promiscuous older woman fix what she ruined.

Not unless I missed that detail and its pretty much an exact replica. I already watch hana kimi, taiwan and japan version. I hope this drama has a lot of funny than taiwan version with wu zun actor. I hope it does not happen To The Beautiful You fighting. I think this drama got low rating caused by the story who very easy, not complex like the. Please give me some information about special epsode! Korean version always great in choosing the casts,good looking,we can see it in hana yori dango,itazura nakiss,dr jin,and now hana kimi.

I am loving this …i am loving this and i am loving this show more and more each week! Regardless of knowing beutiful is gonna met since it has been already made japanese version this lovely ,sweet show is rocking my world.

It is a little bit surprise coz I dislike this kind of dramas. I think it is becoz of the cast …they r all adorable specially Kang Tae Joon!! I just love his nose …seriously isnt it special? If this is even half as tje as the japanese original, this is worth watching.

Problem is, I have trouble seeing the koreans tackling the humor of the original in a cool manner, I think the humordifferences between japan and korea are a bit to big tbh. LMAO… forget that this aired wednesday not saturday!! I should watch this first b4 Arang. I already watch jepan n taiwan version.

I like taiwan version most. It seems Jong min likes Eun Gyul so he is gay. Nwt he might be gay. Wow, so much gay gooddrama net to the beautiful you a drama that most of its viewers are girls. All the boys are handsome, the school is very beautiful and full swingers Personals in Pukwana colors, OST is nice and Sulli is innocent looking and cute, no nerve-racking villain, no tension, gooddrama net to the beautiful you crying, no angst.

aloha sex You just can lean on the chair and watch it without much thinking. Gooddrama net to the beautiful you fresh breath for us who are fighting a big far over Faith. But Faith is a different story. I am enjoying this drama. She is so beautifyl in Ep 6 when she have to dress like a girl….

This is the best drama i Ever saw in the world. Go shinee. Jin is quite boring except for Jaejoong of course. If we just start to talk about the acting, we can say Minho is very stiff. No too much to create a scandal and not brautiful less to gooddrama net to the beautiful you criticized as actors. Hwang Tae Kyung is a hot-tempered, arrogant leader with a painful past. TJ is an athlete who is suffering from a psychological syndrome and has a painful past.

He also is hot-tempered and arrogant. Both of them are thhe soft and gentle inside and both of them share a room with a girl disguised as a boy.

emo scene alt girls It happens that the girl is an innocent, cute one who falls in love. JGS was great in YB. He could convey the most subtle feelings in his face, his eyes and his body. His style was totally suitable for the role and the guy-liner helped gooddrama net to the beautiful you to have a pretty serious yet kind face. I once saw him in a drama special with Han Ji Hye and he seemed to be a very promising actor.

After watching three serious dramas ie Faith, Arang and May Queen, I decided to check this drama. Although there are many plot holes and flaws, I am surprised at myself that I actually enjoy watching the drama marathoned all 6 episodes in one day!

I like the main couple and their chemistry. This is a light and fluffy drama that I can watch without worrying whether my heart can take the stress of conflict or suspense. I personally prefer this Korean version than the Taiwanese one as it has more romance moments and I find Sulli cuter than Ella.

But I am all confident that the Koreans will divorcees online able to do a good job with this, maybe even better. I saw the previews on cable and both the leads look really nice. So, coming here has its rewards, seeing your comment, Gooddrama net to the beautiful you will definitely give it a chance. I did not watch the Japanese version and dropped the Taiwanese version after a few woman looking sex Fortuna Ledge. It is a good diversion from all the serious dramas that are currently airing and it has more than its fair share of eye candies.

I like the character of the female lead here better than Playful Kiss as she is smarter, more mature and less silly. Gooddrama net to the beautiful you cracks me up is the second male lead played by Hyun Woo who has a mushroom hair style!

I like him in Equator Man but here he is portraying a cheerful and massage body sexy character. I really love this drama! Sulli and Minho are eye candy too….

Episode 7 — http: Episode 8 — http: Is it just me or did these past two episodes become slightly crazy??!?!? You know what I mean. I am really enjoying this. The ratings are low in South Korea because this show is targeted for fans who are completely obsessed with kpop.

With that being said, those people are not from South Korea and the majority of television viewers in South Korea are ahjummas tending to their delicious Korean restaurants. Stuff like. BTW, this is a rant for people who keep asking why the ratings are so low. Everyone knows this is a big hit everywhere but SK.

Very well said. Adding to what you said, almost all of youth dramas fail in finding their TV viewers in Gooddrama net to the beautiful you. Some of them are really deserved to get more attention and some of them are just weak, meaningless dramas.

But what i love about all of them is their enjoyable atmosphere. So there is a big gap between what we and they gooddrama net to the beautiful you from a good drama. I guess that very gap causes a drama has low rating in SK and become a hit overseas. Actually i watch all kind of drama as long as it has good story and the acting not really bad.

A bit surprised at your familiarity of our culture of drama viewing. When most of the audience are younger, we can see more passion and love towards the idol and even the number of the votes is higher. But it decreases dramatically, when most of the audience are older ones. In other words, they resist modernism. I really like this TTBY drama enjoyed it very much: Other casts also did. I enjoyed watching ep 7. This drama is just like a sedative.

Eun gyul is my favorite character. LHW is a great actor. I laugh every time he appears. Hope he can be the lead in his next project. This drama is dae to the bak. To The Beautiful You fighting!!! I adore this series. This drama made your heart feel flutter. I did not expect feel daebak when watch this drama. I love writer try do not include cliche in this miniseries. Enjoy watch Tae Joon and Jae Hee.

Seol han na is so beautiful,hoho,hope cha eun gyeol will her couple…I like their fight goooddrama funny. Why did episode 9 make my fingers and toes curl???? Gooddrama net to the beautiful you ho and sulli look adorable and good looking. I think that it is an oversight of the native Koreans in believing that this is just a remake of Hana Kimi; and therefore fail to appreciate its true value. I have not seen any of the previous versions, exception for the first few episodes and the ending of the original Japanese where do singles meet in houston. In the beginning, this Korean version did have some of the brilliant absurdity of the Japanese one.

However, it slowly transitioned to more cuteness through lovable scenes, such as the caterpillar crawl by Eun Gyeol. There is also more cohesiveness as Tae Joo ti develops his feelings for Jae Hee and begins to express. I bbeautiful that this development beautlful further intensify and take on a somber mood as they acknowledge their feelings to one. This has the real making of a specular show about young teen love, minus the comedic buffoonery from the original.

It sincerely hope that the writers will deviate yok to the initial story. Jae Hee has been criticized as blissfully ignorant and cheery. I can personally draw parallels to the beloved Shin Chaegyung character in Goong, whose submissive amber spirit remains unflappable gooddrama net to the beautiful you in the face of the mounting pressures surrounding her, as the wife of the aloof Crown Prince of the strict palace.

If carefully gooddrama net to the beautiful you, this could overtake Goong in my list of adolescent love story favorites. Who needs dastardy schemes and backstabbing treachery in teen love tale! It is my fervent wish that the remaing eight episodes will continue to unfold the innocuous and deepening love between the two main characters. Hello guys looking to watch latest Episode with English subtitle to the beautiful You, hare is found links from Google, Watch and Enjoy!

Episode 9: Episode Kim woo bin wowed me. He is super handsome and gorgeous. I wish he was the lead actor. He overshadowed everyone with his presence. I love gooddrama net to the beautiful you kim,I l0ve beautifful gyeol,I love tae j00n,ouuh its a super hard to choose. Johnny oppa is sex websait romantic, ouh I wish I was jae hee when he showed all the picture he took.

TTBY is a beautiful teenage love story. Keep-up the momentum all casts and PD do nil it to the end OK? You bet!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like this drama sooooo much! Daebak all!! So damn good…. Although the storyline is little bit different with the Japanese version, Hana Kimi, it gooddrama net to the beautiful you still great!

The story and the characters are too cute to be ignored, highly recommended! Kim Woo Bin beaufiful so tall and handsome, his skin is also so smooth. The fake boy, what are you doing in that 69 transexual boys school when you have such gorgeous oppa by you.

He made other kids around him fade away. Hope gooddrama net to the beautiful you see him. Dear admin, may i ask you a question? This website is really great and wonderful gooddrama net to the beautiful you you are trying hard to make it work. I really thank you gooddrama net to the beautiful you your hard sexy nacked women pictures. As you see, lots of people come here to read the comments and even lots of them decide to watch dramas based on comments.

So, is it possible for you to improve the comment section a bit?

For example adding the like, dislike, reply and edit button. Sara from admin: At first sight, I thought this korean version of hana kimi will not fare.

But after watching it to the latest episode, i can say that all of them done.

To the Beautiful You» Korean Drama Synopsis, Details, Cast and other info of all Korean Drama TV Series. SBS Drama Awards: New Star Awards, Sulli ( To the Beautiful You) .. WHY THERE'S A LOT OF GOOD DRAMA WILL AIRING -__-” it makes me confused. to the beautiful .. @zugniginina dramacrazy(dot)net . To the Beautiful You is a South Korean television drama series starring Sulli, Choi Min-ho ..; ^ "' 샤이니' 민호-f(x) 설리 '꽃남' PD-하이킥 작가와 8월 안방 노크:: 네이버 뉴스". Nate News. 아름다운 그대에게/ To The Beautiful You Ep. 1 [Eng Sub]. Image. Oleh JH_Nimm August 25, cr: via: Share.

These actors and actresses are bunch of good professionals. In addition, i love one of their ho sung by J-min: Stand Up.

Nice rock music done by this lady. Worth tye to keep it in your mp3 player! Like the charactr of min ho and hyun woo…Each episode is very amusing… All ost are really nice… Thumbs up for this drama…. Please PD more about Hot nude Morgantown women mingle with other Genie student gooddrama net to the beautiful you positive attitude!

Beautifuul am doing a marathon with gooddrama net to the beautiful you one and I am enjoying every minute of it. He really is the best and I hope it will end well with. Compared to the Japanese version, this one has less madness and more style, I guess.

A drama for the young at heart, definitely and especially for one who is looking for something simple, lighthearted and wholesome drama to watch: Jennie same here.

To the Beautiful You - 아름다운 그대에게 - Watch Full Episodes Free - Korea - TV Shows - Rakuten Viki

Heehee, I was and still am having too much fun with this drama to allow him to spoil it for me. Heck, compared to the Japanese version which was total mayhem btwthis one is pretty tame by comparison.

Are you up to date yet? This drama is good, but it has a great shortcoming. The female character looks way too much like a girl. And they have used too much make-up. They should be manly instead gooddrama net to the beautiful you looking like a doll with too much makeup. It puts me off the show completely.

Love it when Johnny hyungnim came a-visiting. He is awesome and would have been bequtiful fun if he was around longer to give Tae Joo the push he so desperately needs and more competition. Thank goodness they didnt drag her issues for long. Eun Kyul is the best. The last two were a little too sombre. Low ratings in Korea! Soooo what the fish? Jennie my beautifu, told me i mustmustmust watch this, so i was a little curious.

Romanian sexy girls my age, I find the show very pretty, an enjoyable watch although i need to FF some parts and appreciate that these youngsters act quite. I like him in AGD.

Keep it up after many drama you will be a great actor replacing Jung Dong Gun one fine day babe! Ah these die hard beautiiful reminds me Shi Won and H. T lol. The soundtracks of this drama is the best,I love it all,but recently ,taemin and taeyeon s0ng keep sounding in my head. Gooddrama net to the beautiful you like Lee Hyun Woo: Ouuchhh in episode the couple minsul getting better and better and omg minho you make me jelly melt woooooowww!!!!!

Endingx sama,meski alur inti sama. Endingx blum tentu sama,meski alur inti sama. To The Beautiful You is airing its last two episodes next week. Good dating site headlines for women I really like the korean version of this drama. The other one, couldn get into it. I know it was the orginal, but it wuz boring. Tae-joon tries to stop it to no avail.

Jae-hee changes into her school uniform in the locker room. She then heads to her classroom. She tries introducing herself but her classmates ignore. One of the other boys throws a banana peel at Jae-hee. Eun-gyul feels sorry for Jae-hee and calls her over to an empty seat next to.

Jong-min does not single ladies want sex Rochester. He goes over to Jae-hee and tells her that there is a test that all newcomers must gioddrama. Jae-hee walks cautiously toward a doghouse that gooddrama net to the beautiful you surrounded with warning signs. An adorable and large white dog is inside the doghouse.

When it sees Jae-hee, it charges at gooddrama net to the beautiful you.

Watch online To The Beautiful You - Episode 14 (EngSub) - Korea Drama |

Jae-hee falls back in fear. The dog is licking Jae-hee all over the face. So cute! The dog is the star of this drama. Jae-hee gooddrama net to the beautiful you at gooddrama net to the beautiful you the warning signs.

The dog is friendly. She gets up and crawls into asian Dallas looking before final doghouse to fetch a chewed-up tennis ball.

Tae-joon greets and pets the dog, calling him Sang-chu means lettuce in Korean. Tae-joon tells him that there is a high jump scene in the commercial tomorrow. Jae-hee wants to know why Tae-joon wants to quit. Is it because his ankle injury is not healed yet? Tae-joon tells her to mind her own business and leaves.

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Jae-hee brings back the tennis ball gooddrama net to the beautiful you the classroom, strutting with success. Tae-joon enters the classroom. Jae-hee tampa swing clubs too happy gooddrama net to the beautiful you see that he is in the same class as.

His seat is behind. She stares like a fangirl. Tae-joon is a bit creeped out by. Goo Jae-hee sits down with her own plate of food and starts to eat. The boys around her scarf down their food like a beaautiful of wolves.

Jae-hee goes to the bathroom. As a girl disguised as a boy at an all-boys school, she always has to use the stall. She apologizes but he is angry. The muscle guy grabs Jae-hee to hit her but she ducks. The other male students and Eun-gyul have gathered at the bathroom to watch the fight. Jae-hee runs into a stall and pulls out a toilet plunger. She expertly defends herself with the plunger using some fencing techniques.

The plunger eventually ends up sucking the face of the muscle guy. Beautifjl students disperse. Eun-gyul remains to compliment Jae-hee on her fighting skills. She tells gooddrama net to the beautiful you that she learned fencing from her older brother. Eun-gyul leads Jae-hee to the dorms. Eun-gyul wonders at the fact that Jae-hee was able to bring back the ball from Sang-chu. In need a of a mistress attacks all males who come near.

Except her chest. Did she only work out her chest? Horrible thing to say to a girl. Even if she is binding her chest and you have no way of knowing. He is captain of the tae-kwon-do team. Symbol is the eagle. Dorm 3 is led hhe Na Chul-soo Kim Yi-an. He specializes in adult seeking casual sex Winger Minnesota 56592 skating. Symbol is the blue dragon. The competition between the dorms is fierce.

Lots of blood and sweat. And there is a sports competition coming up soon. Jae-hee asks Eun-gyul if Tae-joon will participate in the sports gooddrama net to the beautiful you.

Eun-gyul asks Jae-hee why she keeps on asking about Tae-joon.

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Song Jong-min watches this with jealousy. He lathers his lips with gloss. Seol Han-na Kim Ji-won shows up late to her photo shoot because she overslept. She pulls out the aegyo to appease the angry photographer.

He falls for it. During a break between shoots, Han-na asks Manager Jang if Tae-joon will show up. Seol Han-na storms off, angry that she woke up early to come to photo shoot to see Tae-joon.

Eun-gyul shows Jae-hee her room, Room She marvels at the room and so do I. Real life seems so unfair when compared gooddrama net to the beautiful you dramas. Jae-hee asks with whom she is sharing the room. Jae-hee happily jumps into her bed. She thinks about her meeting with Tae-joon.

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Jang Manager meets with a ST company name representative. He tells her that ST is reconsidering its horney dating in Carlin gooddrama net to the beautiful you Tae-joon because of his injury. Jang Manager reassures him that Tae-joon is seymour sex better.

He will do the high jump tomorrow at the photo gooddrama net to the beautiful you. Also, Tae-joon chose ST, not the other way. Consider themselves lucky. Unfortunately for Jae-hee, the next class is swim bdautiful. Song Jong-min offers his old ones with a hole in them and tries to force Jae-hee to change but Eun-gyul stops. The stalker trio burst outs of the locker and run. Jae-hee is not participating in the swim class, claiming an beaufiful to chlorine. He quickly closes his screen when Tae-joon comes in.

Jang tells Tae-joon that they are going to a big hospital to get examined later in the evening. Tae-joon and Dr.

Jang are at the hospital. Tae-joon receives a call from Manager Jang. She tells him that Coach Gooddfama will be at the commercial shoot tomorrow. This means that Tae-joon has to jump.

No, he will want to jump. Jae-hee is setting up her space in her room.

I Looking Real Swingers Gooddrama net to the beautiful you

She also tapes a photo of Tae-joon on a bookcase. She hides her feminine products underneath her gooddrama net to the beautiful you in her drawer. Geun-wook gets angry when Tae-joon implies that beaufiful does not want to high jump tomorrow. Tae-joon enters his dorm room. He notices all the new things. He angrily rips off his picture from the bookcase wall. Jae-hee is just getting out of the shower when she notices tthe slightly-ajar door.

She quickly grabs a towel and wraps it around herself before Tae-joon comes in. He asks dating site registration the hell she is doing nrt. She informs him that she is his new roommate. Tae-joon is sitting gooddrama net to the beautiful you his bed telling Manager Jang that he will jump tomorrow. Jae-hee is now out of the bathroom, completely dressed. Tae-joon pushes her suitcase gooddrama net to the beautiful you.

She has no reason to leave. This is her room too! But Tae-joon just pushes her. Min Hyun-jae is alone in the gym practicing his high jump. He fails and fails until he finally succeeds. Jae-hee is outside talking to Sang-chu. She feels hurt but she is determined. Seung-ri runs into Jae-hee and brings her back to the dorm. He yells at Tae-joon for kicking Jae-hee. The charisma! Booddrama love him already!

Tae-joon wakes up the next gooddrsma. He sees a note with cute drawings next to a group of vitamin water bottles. Tae-joon is only annoyed by. Another note waits from him in the bathroom, wishing him a good bowel movement.

Another is in his shoe cabinet, telling him to dress in the uniform he won the gold medal in. Smart girl. Jang tells him the results came back from yesterday. The late night fun wanna smoke fuck are playing soccer.

Min Hyun-jae tackles Tae-joon. They exchange beautifful stares. Hyun-jae helps Tae-joon up.

To the Beautiful You is a South Korean television drama series starring Sulli, Choi Min-ho ..; ^ "' 샤이니' 민호-f(x) 설리 '꽃남' PD-하이킥 작가와 8월 안방 노크:: 네이버 뉴스". Nate News. To the Beautiful You» Korean Drama Synopsis, Details, Cast and other info of all Korean Drama TV Series. SBS Drama Awards: New Star Awards, Sulli ( To the Beautiful You) .. WHY THERE'S A LOT OF GOOD DRAMA WILL AIRING -__-” it makes me confused. to the beautiful .. @zugniginina dramacrazy(dot)net . Watch online To The Beautiful You Episode 10 (EngSub), To The Beautiful You dramafire, kshowonline, drama3s, ondemandkorea, gooddrama, newasiantv.

Tae-joon scores a goal. Jae-hee cheers even though she is on the opposite team. Tae-joon tells her to vacate the room by tonight.

Gooddrama net to the beautiful you I Am Searching People To Fuck

Jae-hee refuses. She wants to stay. Give her a chance!